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5 Tips for raising happy and responsible children

The goal most pursued by parents is to raise happy children. 

Sometimes we forget about another important factor: MAKING THEM RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.

Leading children towards independence and responsibility is not an impossible mission. We know, being a parent is very hard, but if we share some aids studied and tested by other parents we try to make this mission a little lighter.

Are you ready for this journey?

We are beginning to think that keeping children overly protected will not help much.For example: always feed them their favorite things, or always keep them busy with activities, without leaving them the chance to get bored ...

We are hurting him! You have to let them fall, face problems and fears. Thus they will be able to defend themselves and grow up healthy, strong, happy, aware and responsible.

Here are some tips to think about:

Boundaries limit us but serve to keep your little one safe and make life roles clear. When the child has a tantrum, one must not give in to make him stop. Only in this way will the little one understand that in moments of despair you will be ready to help and support him here is a small step to develop his confidence.

Important are the rules! But few! So you will be able to enforce them and do not risk contradicting yourself, recognize the most important ones for you and make them respected.Many psychologists say it is important to castigate the child but say it must be exercised with minimal intervention for the child to stop the action.
It is not always necessary to scream, so you will get your little one used to being less aggressive and to listen to you even when you speak quietly.

A self-contained child will be a happy adult. SO HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Educate your child in small activities from an early age so that he gains confidence. Obviously, they must be tasks proportionate to age: making the bed before school, raking the garden, setting the table...

Let him get bored! One of the greatest pleasures you can give your child is just that.
When he's at home, don't want to fill him with activities, let him play alone and get bored. Only in this way will you stimulate his creativity and autonomy.

Apologize and thank: it is good to set an example for our children. It will be easier for them to learn education and respect if this is given to them and if they see how it should be done. The relationship of the parents is important. In fact, they must be very united to be able to keep faith in everything they decide for their child. 

Here, by trusting the agreements you have made between you, you will be able to do a good job, you know, something is always wrong, but you will still have raised a child who knows self-respect and respect for others, you have provided him with opportunities, friends .Thus he will be able to read the stimuli that surround him.

"Remember: the quality of the time you dedicate to your little one is important in addition to the quantity"