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A special relationship: GRANDPARENTS

An article that all parents should read, why?
Simple: to remind you of the importance of grandparents in your child's life!

Between grandparents and grandchildren, a unique, magical and special relationship generally develops where they learn to grow and deal with life. The important role of grandparents is to transmit a sense of tradition, but also of continuity between old and new teachings. Grandparents can teach to be more patient and respect the time of older people. 

The figure of grandparents today is often different because they have "youthful attitudes!" but what remains unchanged is their importance in the emotional and relational growth of children.

 We must first of all consider that, nowadays, grandparents look after and take care of their grandchildren when their parents are away; their presence is undoubtedly a comforting figure. In fact, for children they become their rock, their fixed point. That's why grandparents can help with the emotional support of your child. 

They will pass on values and teachings such as:

  • Sense of tradition,
  • continuity,
  • patience,
  • respect for time,
  • independence,
  • socialisation, (who hasn't been taken for tea with grandma's friends),
  • serene detachment from parents: the first meals without mum and dad.

Nowadays, grandparents are increasingly inclined to play with their grandchildren this is where a parent should step in, to help grandparents keep up with the times Suggest the right gifts, the games you would like for your child. If he/she is learning colours a visual game. If he or she is learning to memorise as they begin their studies, why not a game of logic and memory?Or learning numbers while having fun?

A child growing up in a reassuring environment will be a self-confident child and will become an adult capable of love, developing what we call resilience.

And let's never forget to say thank you to the grandparents, because they cuddle the little ones, they bring up our children in the best way, they help us as parents to read our role. They offer them a different model to see. they represent their anchor, they are a point of reference...

Thank you grandparents 

"Remember: the quality of the time you dedicate to your little one is important in addition to the quantity"