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A tidy home is HAPPINESS for all

A few ideas to avoid going crazy arranging the children's room!

Keeping the nursery tidy can be very tiring. Not only does tidiness make for a beautiful home, but cleanliness and order are good for your child's health and safety. Tidiness has a positive effect on your child's state of mind, making him or her more likely to be calm and happy and thus reducing the stress we parents experience.

The first thing to do is to create an organised environment that is tailored to the needs of the child, an environment that is well cared for, functional and easy to arrange. We are going to have a welcoming environment.

The first thing you need to do to be more relaxed and not obsessed with tidying up is to involve your SON! Stop thinking that he or she cannot tidy their room. He will learn with your help. From an early age, they should be accustomed to and involved in the activities involved in tidying up their room, so that they can learn to be responsible for their own things and spaces.
You can start with simple rules:
  • Put away toys when they are no longer in use
  • Put away the used toy before taking another one
  • Each toy has its place in the room

    Don't forget that the example you set for your child will be crucial in making them understand that these are normal and right things to do. Learn to respect his time, it won't be the first day that he understands how to tidy up his room.
    Teaching him this will be a necessary element for your child as he grows up. You will also help develop his sense of cooperation with others through these small steps.

      The second fundamental element to make it easier to organise the room is to separate the spaces: even if one has a small room, create an area dedicated to rest with the bed and one for games. Organise toys in boxes and use cupboards with several compartments so it will be easier to store things and find them. Your child will find it easier to understand where things should be placed, because they have their own position, and finally there will be almost no more toys on the floor!

      Tidying up your children's room is certainly a source of stress, not to mention the rest of the house!
      Having help to tidy your child's room helps you and your child to feel comfortable and reassured.Clutter, on the other hand, is a source of agitation and restlessness in children, who are thus inclined to make a mess of the mess.
      It will be important to educate your child to tidy up their room.
      After all, tidying up the room can be a fun game to play with children, as well as useful for mum and dad.

      Order is not only important externally, in the environment, but also in terms of rules and routines. In this way, the child will be able to orientate itself spatially, relationally and temporally, developing the internal security necessary to act in the world.

       "Remember: the quality of the time you dedicate to your little one is important in addition to the quantity"