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Best learning toys for 3-4 year olds 2021

The best Learning Toys for 3-4 years olds

Trying to keep your children learning while you have some time for yourself, or for working at home is tough. Reconciling educational activities and play for our children is often exhausting and often requires adult participation.
In this article we have selected the best educational toys to allow our children to play improving their skills while we can devote ourselves to a supervision not always active.


A must have in the toy box of children everywhere!
Lego allows both young and old to be enthralled by the endless possibilities its building blocks allow!
They have a section for toddlers from 1.5+, with larger blocks to keep them from being swallowed and a standard section suitable for 4+.
You definitely can't go wrong with a Lego!

Building block chair

If you want to let your child spend hours getting lost in the game this is for you.
A chair to be built entirely of treated wood, which allows you to develop all those manual and cognitive activities that are essential for children!
Definitely a great toy, with an eye on the green side too!
You can find it HERE.


These building toys are incredible on light tables, but they are equally excellent in windows, on the floor, and on any magnetic surface. These work on spacial skills, problem-solving, and shape recognition. You can also use them for color sorting and more.


This classic is often overlooked, but 3-year-olds will sit and work with this toy for ages. They are developing important fine motor skills and hand-eye-coordination while they do too!


These are some of our suggestions, hope you enjoyed them!
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