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Do we let our children play ALONE enough?

Are you able to carry out your daily activities even if you have a kids? Did you know that from the first year we should be able to leave our children to play alone even 10 minutes?

The first year of life of our puppies, they learn to play with their body and that of the mother. We can leave our children perhaps on a multifunctional playmat or with a gym. After the year, that of motor skills will develop: exploration games will begin, the child will have fun merge and disassembling objects, observing, throwing... He is learning to think and reason about his surroundings.

A very difficult thing

for us parents is to leave our little ones "alone" but it is basic for their growth. Let's try to get out of their own room, let's not give up them, let's do our chores for a moment and if he calls us, let's not run immediately, we answer and wait a minute, we will help him to form his character: to make him strong. Now it will keep calling you or it will come looking for you or it will find something to distract itself with
For our children to thrive and develop independence and autonomy, it will be necessary to have provided them with as many opportunities to learn as possible. First, it must have a suitable place to grow: a stimulating environment will be needed. Outside the house, if you have a garden, it will be enough for our little ones to have bushes where they can hide, they love climbing and experimenting. Inside, it will be enough to give him a place of his own, a shelf, a basket in which to store his games, a bedroom. Our daughters love to build to discover: we will be able to notice how their imagination will transform them from simple objects. 

Do you involve your children in cooking?

It is important after 2/3 years to involve our children in repeatable tasks. How to make bread, rake the garden ... The child will take inspiration and learn. Do not expect him to stay with us for long, he will be bored, no problem, let him free to start and then go and take care of other things.

Does your son know what boredom is?

it is very important that you are bored. It is precisely at this moment that fantasy and creativity are most stimulated. The empty moments in life will be effective to be able to share loads and above all to have new ideas: both as teenagers and adults. So let's give our little ones a way to learn to be bored. We don't have to organize them all day. Otherwise he will not know how to entertain himself.
Let him be free to play with his imagination and learn not to question his game! Now is my favorite moment:
When I let my children play freely, I stay on the sidelines, observe what they do. I can discover the true emotional state he is in, what he has learned and what he is experiencing: it is enough to observe his gestures, his sounds and his behavior.

Play is the child's world

The natural dimension of our little ones is to play: therefore the best way for us adults to communicate with them and thus to be able to teach them rules and education will be.
For all these reasons it is important to play alone and leave it completely free. We will help the proper development of our children, It is not just about entertainment, but learning. We will thus help them in the development of their identity.

"Remember: the quality of the time you dedicate to your little one is important in addition to the quantity"