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Does your child throw too many tantrums?

Does he always want to be near you?

We need to find a way to reassure our little ones that we won't go away. According to pedagogy, tantrums arise for two reasons: one "futile" and one of "necessity! Tantrums determined by fear are not real tantrums, but real needs and therefore must be managed more carefully. The manifestation is dressed as a whim, but the need it communicates is anything but superficial. In fact, they need us, our attention.
Here comes out the difficult role of the parent, because he must be able to help him to establish self-confidence, be happy and have fun. In fact, the well-being of a child lies precisely in these things. It is up to us mothers and fathers to accompany them in this growth. Every child has different moments and different ways of expressing themselves, and consequently, even among siblings, we must accept the different needs. With my nephews for example, my sister having twins, thought of trying to calm them down in different ways, with harmonious songs; giving them lots of cuddles, giving them fewer rules, keeping the house tidy (because it helps stability and serenity), she created areas suitable for them, with chairs and tables to make them more independent. All of these valuable aids she decided to support them with simple games that could help her keep them calm. In fact she advised me after a while, to buy this game.Obviously, before buying, she lent it to me. It is a very simple game, consisting of wooden cylinders whose purpose is to keep them balanced on a moon. This has taught his little ones sharing, waiting and I see improvements on patience as well. But what's really fabulous is that it's a game we can finally play together without unwrapping the house!
This way we're calmer too and being less nervous we can pass it on to them!

Children's tantrums are often influenced by how we as parents view them. You have to be patient and always be on the ball!
Good luck to all!


 "Remember: the quality of the time you dedicate to your little one is important in addition to the quantity"