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Playing is a serious thing

For both you parent and your baby. Do you know why? Here are some of the reasons why it is important in the baby and why you should play even when you grow up.

Play is often thought of as a leisure time or considered a less relevant time than other activities such as studying or doing homework. Instead it plays a central role in your child's life and yours and shouldn't be neglected. You start playing from the cradle, because everything is to be discovered: the approach to reality for your little one is instinctive and is a source of amazement and wonder.

In the game there are many learning processes of the child it is in fact by playing that he will develop multiple skills.

The playful activity will allow you to have a healthy and balanced child because it allows learning in a natural way.

The child will learn new things while having fun! Fun is the basis of learning. In fact, when the brain is bored it has more difficulty in receiving information and consequently has difficulty in storing information.

TRY IT YOURSELF: entertain your little one. Then have him do a puzzle. Did it take more or less time than usual?

Play is very important for reliving everyday experiences. They serve precisely to elaborate and make clearer every emotion.

Playing remains an excellent feelings outlet: it serves to bring back the smile and live with more lightness. This also applies to you as an adult! Play is a source of entertainment, to be able to let off steam from everyday stress.

Obviously the game is the realm of CREATIVITY! We see that children invent stories and this is the moment when they should be left free. They are letting their most authentic side out they let everything be possible.

During the game your child will discover the importance of rules, towards friends, having to follow patterns to get something... The game allows you to respect and accept the rules that always change.
The child who plays will therefore have benefits on brain development, improve learning skills, will be healthier. Do you know why? Because studies show that if you laugh a lot, then you have fun, your vascular system improves.
From an early age you will notice improvements depending on the games that will be given to him. In fact, instructive games should be preferred, such as those in wood, to improve their tactile and practical ability.
Your little one will be so surprised and intrigued to improve more and more in his actions. It will be stimulated to knowledge.
Now that you know just some of the benefits for your little one, you just have to take the time to start playing together. You too will have immense benefits.


"Remember: the quality of the time you dedicate to your little one is important in addition to the quantity"