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Have you found the right TOY for your child?👶

Do you know that finding the right growth toy for your child can be complicated?😧

DONT'T WORRY! I want to tell you something 😉

PLAY has been stated as an inviolable and unquestionable right of every child.

So look for the right toy to buy for your baby and to give him something that will impact his development while having fun.
An important thing is to keep in mind your child's age, but don't be afraid to buy something a little more difficult, he may know and love him sooner than you think😍.

The game has different roles in development such as:
  • reducing stress,
  • increasing determination,
  • increasing empathy.

You can help him develop many specific areas for exemple with toy constructions. You stimulate mathematical thinking to help your little one understand space and size, colors, shapes, quantities. You will help him in mastery of movements such as fingers and hands therefore precision.
Another very important thing is that the construction games help build self-esteem because the child will be proud of his work👍.

I just wanted to give you a few examples of how useful toys are for your baby's growth

Did you know that wood is a highly sought-after material for making children's games? It is an excellent alternative to earth-damaging materials and are also very resistant and long-lasting. Because if your child loves your game he will use it for a long time...

Have you figured out what's right for your baby?


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